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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pop music & reaching people part 2

For a different type of pop-cult experience, go to Granger Community Church's visitors area and choose "Welcome & Experience" from the playlist.

I struggle with this video every time I view it....the music is pop-rock, the faces are sooo some ways very much like a UU congregation, but not in others.

It is obvious to me, reflecting on this video, that reaching the MOST people is not the same as reaching ALL the people, and that Granger has made its choices and plans to live with them. We UUs do the same thing every day, but the intentionality is just not as clear in cases where there is no stated mission.

Perhaps the first thing that the communications director of this church, who has some extremely useful ideas about church marketing published at her blog, would say is "keep the focus on the guest." Her name is Kem Meyer, and Googling her would surely show you, dear readers, her broad influence on this conversation. If you do Google, it may be well not to conflate marketing with mission. Grangerites are much more Bible-y folk than the average UU, so, it's just not the same gallon of cider. The apples they're pressing are off the Jesus tree, but the fruits by which we'd care to be known are more ... cross-pollinated.

We UUs long for diversity, but we do not know how to fulfill our longing. One love.


Anonymous Melissa Cole said...

Hey, Linda! I looked at this video, and my thought is that the homogeneity (sp?) of the congregation has more to do with the location of the church than any more sinister explanation.

Yes, this congregation seems more "Jesus-y" than I am comfortable with, but, wow, they have a great website!

4:03 PM  
Blogger slyypper said...

out of curiosity, I googled Granger, INdiana demographics:

the county they are located in is about 80% white, 11% black, 5% Latino, and the rest other. They are a burb of South Bend, IN, where Indiana University is located, surely a hub for diversity in the region. Still, your comment is correct. I have to be careful about taking up the case of other people's demographic non-diversity when our own could use a little tweaking.

When I write about these things, I tend to write from what I would wish to be the case...a multiracial and multiethnic community is my cup of tea, and I tend to be critical when I don't see that, which isn't always fair of me.

and yes, their website is phenomenal

check the link to their outreach director in another of my blog postings for more information on how they got that way.

Cheers! Slyypper

5:02 PM  
Blogger slyypper said...

a correction to my previous post: South Bend, Indiana is home to one of the satellite campuses of Indiana University; the main campus is of course in Bloomington.

7:52 AM  

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