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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pop music & reaching people

This posting comes with a huge tip of the hat to a certain U2 fan I go to fellowship with, who sent me this link to the U2 Eucharist.

Including popular music in services is something I think about every time I turn on the radio. And then, I think some more...

Pop & folk music is tribal, it defines groups of people, and only with some effort do we really include ourselves in the tribes we didn't grow up with...that need for effort & reflection makes it a *very useful tool* in helping people to break down their boundaries around race, class, ethnicity, age, gender, *if the congregants are invited to the music* in a way they can understand. I am certain that even the elders can enjoy inclusion of pop music if the context of its presentation is made clear to them. That is one of the better aspects of the U2 Eucharist in my opinion: the Episcs are part of the broadly publicized ONE Campaign, and so is Bono, so it's pretty much a natural, creative outgrowth.


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